Seiko has recently introduced a first-ever Grand Seiko 9F quartz GMT to the general public.  It is the perfect caliber for the international traveler and those who do business with partners from different time zones.

Using this watch to know the time of another time zone is very convenient since you do not need to open the application on your phone or resort to other tricks.  It’s enough to look at the clock face where a special GMT-arrow, painted in a different color indicates standard time. Besides, there is a special strip consisting of two colors that goes along the edge. It indicates the period before or after noon, allowing to find out the time in the specified zone in a split second.

Although this trio – SBGN001, SBGN003, SBGN005 – belongs to an extra-class sports watch, the price is very reasonable for chronometers of such high level. The presented variations differ not only in its color performance but also in its accuracy. SBGN001 is a  model in the honor of the 25th anniversary of the creation of the 9F Caliber which has an accuracy of +/- 5 seconds per year, unlike the other two +/– 10 seconds at a temperature of 5 to 35 ° C.

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This limited edition model with bright yellow accents has a textured dial with a jet black shade, on which there is a repeating motif of quartz symbols. The five-pointed star symbolizes the level of enhanced accuracy of the Grand Seiko.

The color scheme of the other two versions is much calmer – black and blue smooth iridescent dials with red GMT-arrows and monochrome stripes. While the clock is independently adjustable, without stopping the movement of the mechanism. Such function will be truly appreciated by those who frequently fly, as the arrow moves easily forward or backward when landing in a different time zone, without infringing the overall timing. The function of the instant change of date is another great tool.

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The design itself is not revolutionary and fits well with the conservative Seiko style – precise cut, rectangular hour markers, polished to such an extent that they will be clearly visible even in dim lighting. A special Lumibrite coating is applied to the required places, which ensures excellent readability of information in low light conditions. The paint is safe for humans and nature, containing no radioactive substances or other harmful substances. Ten-minute sunlight with an intensity slightly above the average level will be just enough for the paint to emit light from 3 to 5 hours.

Despite the appearance of an additional arrow, the case did not become noticeably thicker. Its made possible due to new design of the main plate- the improved design of the gear transmission, as well as the method of fastening the arrows.

The watch with yellow GMT stripe will  be released in a limited edition consisting only of 800 pieces. You will only be able to buy them from selected sellers. Those who wish to purchase the watch will have to test their luck.