Are you ready to join one of our actions, but not sure how Mazzady works?

It’s very simple. Let us explain to you quickly how Mazzady works then show you step by step how you can join our auctions for a chance to win your favorite products at up to 90% off their retail price!

There are two phases for every Mazzady auction.

Phase 1: The Boosting Phase

This is technically the auction participation phase.

During this phase, a user interested in joining a specific auction must “participate” in the auction before the auction goes live. And the way to participate is through “boosting” the auction. And the way to boost, is through “gems”; Mazzady Gems are our online currency that you will need to boost and compete in an Auction.

To participate in any auction, you need to pay the participation fee for that specific auction. Each auction has a different participation fee. The participating fee is called a “boost”. So, when you click on the auction you are interested in, check the “boost” price. That will be the price you need to pay to participate in that specific auction.

Therefore, make sure you click “boost” to participate in the auction of your choice.

After you “boost”, you must wait for the auction to go live. The auction will go live once the boosting reaches 100%. You can check what level each auction reached. Once the boosting reaches 100%, the auction goes live and bidding begins.


TIPS: There’s a limited number of boosts allowed on a product – so the more you boost, the fewer competitors you’re allowing in!

The more you boost the sooner the auction will reach the ‘Active Competition’ phase.

REWARD: For each boost you make, we reward you with Advantage Gems to compete with in the ‘Active Competition’ phase.

If it fails to reach 100% boosting within a defined time, auctions will automatically be cancelled. Boosted GEMS will be refunded to you and can be used in other exciting competitions.


Phase 2: The Bidding Phase

Once the boosting phase reaches 100%, the auction will go live. This is called “Active Competition”.

If you’ve taken part in the ‘boosting’ phase of the competition, you’ll be able to join the ‘Active Competition’.

All auctions have an opening price of 0 AED! Which means, bidding starts from zero!

Start bidding by clicking on ‘Bid Now’ using your Gems and Advantage Gems.

A countdown timer will start, and reset every time a new bid comes in. If you’re the last user to have placed a bid once the countdown reaches 0, you win!

The bidding gems are free. Which means, you will only pay the winning price (the number the auction will reach at the end of the auction) if you win. All users who don’t win, will get a refund of the gems they used in the bidding.

Example, if the auction starts at 0 AED and the price keeps increasing with all the bidding and reaches 140 AED by the time the auction ends. Only the last bidder (the last user placing a bid before the countdown reaches 0) will pay 140 AED. All the other users that did not win, will get a refund of their gems that they used while bidding.

TIP: Don’t want to miss out? You can use the ‘AutoBid’ feature. It will place automatic bids for you, based on the criteria of your choice, ensuring you never miss the countdown, and stay in the competition.


Therefore, here are the simple steps to join an auction & WIN:


Create your account in one click using Facebook, Google, Twitter or by simply filling in your information.


Purchase a MAZZADY Gems pack.


Participate in the auctions of your choice.

4) BID

Once the auction goes live, start BIDDING!